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Vegas Shadow Bar

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Create your own Vegas-style Shadow Bar theme nights. We provide the dancers, you bring the music mix. Stimulate the mind and body by creating a sensually alluring, stylishly sexy room where people want to chill.

Great for special events, parties and ambiance. Looks great on all your screens. Bring a little Vegas to you.

Vegas Shadow Bar

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" has been a successful mantra for adults allowing them to let their hair down and escape the realities of life and find some excitement and entertainment. Classic entertainment never goes out of style, it just waxes and wanes in popularity. The art of shadow dancing is rooted in centuries of dance history, leaving something for the imagination allows us to escape ourselves if just for the moment and return refreshed.

So, for your upcoming theme night with patrons or friends, give them what they want, a piece of Las Vegas. Let Vegas Shadow Bar be your backdrop.

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